It’s all about communication. DiSC is the leading personal assessment tool used by over 40 million people to improve:

  • Productivity in the workplace
  • Sales effectiveness
  • Leadership of organizations
  • Management of people
  • Life skills

DiSC personality assessments are used by many Fortune 500 Companies, HR professionals, consultants, coaches, trainers, dentists, clergy, government agencies, sales firms, and educational institutions.  Click here to read Honda’s Latest Model: Training That Drives Lifetime Customer Loyalty.

DiSC profiles will help you and your team:

  • Better understand your own priorities and tendencies
  • Recognize and respect the behavioral traits in others
  • Adapt your style for improved communication with others
  • Understand customer priorities and increase sales
  • Improve your management capabilities
  • Lead organizations better by understanding the intricacies among Vision, Alignment, and Execution

DiSC is an acronym, representing four distinct behavioral styles:

Dominance: People high on the “D” scale will possess these characteristics:
Emphasize: Shaping the environment by overcoming opposition and challenges
Tendencies: Getting immediate results; taking action; accepting challenges
Motivated By: Challenge; power and authority; direct answers
Fears: Loss of control in their environment; being taken advantage of
You will notice: Self-confidence; decisiveness; risk-taking
Limitations: Lack of concern for others; impatience
influence: People high on the “i” scale will possess these characteristics:
Emphasize: Shaping the environment by persuading and influencing others
Tendencies: Seeking involvement with people; making a favorable impression
Motivated By: Social recognition; group activities; relationships
Fears: Social rejection; disapproval; loss of influence
You will notice: Enthusiasm; charm; sociability
Limitations: Impulsiveness; disorganization; lack of follow-through
Steadiness: People high on the “S” scale will possess these characteristics:
Emphasize: Achieving stability; accomplishing tasks by cooperating with others
Tendencies: Showing patience and loyalty; being a good listener
Motivated By: Infrequent change; stability; sincere appreciation; cooperation
Fears: Loss of stability; change and the unknown; unpredictability
You will notice: Patience; calmness; desire for teamwork; methodical approach
Limitations: Overly willing to give; putting personal needs last
Conscientiousness: People high on the “C” scale will possess these characteristics:
Emphasize: Working within circumstances to ensure quality and accuracy
Tendencies: Attention to standards and details; analytical thinking
Motivated By: Clear performance expectations; quality and accuracy being valued
Fears: Criticism of their work; slipshod methods
You will notice: Behavior that is cautious, precise, and reserved
Limitations: Overly critical of self and others; indecision while analyzing data

What is the Process?

To start the process, you will answer a simple set of questions about your own personal behavior. These questions will be emailed to you with an access code for the online assessments, or given to you in a booklet for the “paper” version of the DiSC profile. It is important to note that there are no right, wrong, good or bad responses – you are considered to be the expert about what is important to you.

Depending on the profile you choose, it is then scored either electronically or by hand, and your personal profile report is produced. This will give you detailed insight to your unique behavioral style, your tendencies, fears, motivators, limitations, and strategies to improve communication with others. Depending on the specific type of report you choose, you will learn more about your strengths and challenges in key areas like sales, management, leadership, or everyday workplace situations.

You will also receive detailed information about other DiSC styles so that you can recognize behavioral traits in others, and adapt your approach for better communication. Group Reports are available to provide a greater understanding of your work team, department, clients, or other groupings of people you communicate with.

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