Does Accuracy Drive You? The C Style

The C style, is based around the concept of ‘conscientiousness’. Which, if you ask google means, “the personality trait of being careful, or vigilant. Conscientiousness implies a desire to do a task well, and to take obligations to others seriously. Conscientious people tend to be efficient and organized as opposed to easy-going and disorderly.” What stands out for those with the C style is their desire to analyze. When analyzing a situation or problem, the C style is really trying to take a step back from it, remove themselves from the equation and get a strong understanding of what is going on so that the perceived problem can be solved. In doing so, the C style will try to break down the problem rationally to get at all of the nuances of it, so that it can be viewed objectively and with logic, in an effort to make sure no detail will be over-looked.

What is it about the C style that drives them to approach problems or situations in this way? It comes down to their needs, which are safety and security. They want to eliminate danger, or unpredictable outcomes by ensuring they are as prepared as possible based on the available data. This is about creating a comfort zone. There is also a strong need to have their choices and actions be without fault, to make sure that their decisions are seen as being valid, justifiable, and correct at all times. This way they will not be to blame when something goes wrong that is out of their control.

Control can be an important concept for those with the C Style. That doesn’t mean they are controlling, just that they like to be in control as a means of maintaining safety and security. For example, in a social situation, a C style will enter cautiously, hold back, speak very little, and assess the situation. This isn’t because they are antisocial necessarily, but in holding back, they maintain control over their own actions in a situation they can’t control, which allows them be true to their need to maintain safety and security.

C’s can often be misunderstood when they are trying to avoid mistakes. Others might assume they think they are always right or need to be right, when in actuality they are motivated by accuracy. This is not about arrogance, though it can become that. It is more about a fear of being wrong, and putting a lot of pressure on one’s self to to avoid it. This can be misinterpreted by others. The C style sets high personal standards, which an outsider may assume means the C believes they are infallible. While the C style doesn’t want to be blamed for mistakes or failures, it is more that they take pride in the accuracy and quality of their work.

Those with the C style can be very stubborn in their arguments about why their conclusion is right and logical. The C style person may be unable to see another person’s side because they are so invested in the logic of their own argument. They see themselves as being credible. It’s what they strive for, and in so doing, may find it difficult to appreciate that someone else could be right, especially when they disagree with the C person’s perspective.

Everyone has pride motivators, for the C style, being an expert is theirs. It proves their competency to themselves. Like all motivators, striving to give accurate results is not a bad thing, but as with everyone, when pride goes too far, that stubbornness, that need to be right and prove it, can turn into arrogance and be seen negatively by colleagues. It is important for those with the C style to remember not to build their self-worth and value around their competency, and to not hide in their areas of expertise. If one never ventures out of what they know, you never learn and thus you cannot grow. It is important for a person with a C style to keep in mind that the vulnerability of being out of your comfort zone, and admitting you don’t know something is the beginning of creating new understanding. It is also important to remember that there is sometimes more than one right answer, and your value or worth is not based on your being right all the time .


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