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Are you the type of person that wants to see great change in the world? Are you ready to lead a team of people and pave the road to success? This can be anything from pioneering great technological ideas, carrying forth this passion into the arts, and making waves in the socio-political world. Putting forth this kind of potential into the world is not always easy, and the best way to harness these skills and qualities is to see them at close range.

Everything DiSC 363 For Leaders could be just what you need.

What are some of the great qualities of leaders?

  • They are directive and they have vision – they can see how their current actions will contribute to their future goal.
  • They are persistent – they want to go beyond just getting the job done.
  • They have a sense of what they can accomplish – and they also use this to tap into each team member and unlock their full potential.
  • They have courage, which leads to commitment to their cause – a virtue that allows them to take risks to achieve what they want even if it means they have no assurance of success. This is the perhaps most identifiable trait of a leader.

However, every leader is different and can possess intricate combinations of qualities.

How Everything DiSC 363 for Leaders Works

Everything DiSC 363 for Leaders is designed as a tool to help you evaluate the specific leadership tendencies you have and improve your effectiveness as a leader.

Skip the boring traditional spreadsheets and charts! Our guided tool provides engaging visuals and narratives to make the behavior-focused data simple and easy to interpret.

Leaders take a two-part online profile assessment which is comprised of The Everything DiSC assessment and the Leadership Behavior section.

Raters (your employees) also take the Leadership Behavior section of the test and can give feedback through the Leadership Requests section to communicate what they would like to see you, the leader, do more of.

Raters are broken into four groups: Direct Reports, Peers, Manager and Other. You can add any combination of groups and they can have unlimited raters.

Some of the best leaders know how to contain their ego and let humility be something they put into practice – this keeps a leader realistic, grounded and ready to acknowledge mistakes and find the best solution within a team to tackle an issue.

Lead with your best foot forward! Learn more about our products here.





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