Introduction to DiSC®

Watch this quick video to understand how the DiSC personality assessment tool works.

DiSC is the best-selling personality assessment tool used by over 40 million people to improve communication. Our DiSC test is completed online, and your DiSC profile is available instantly in PDF.  If you prefer the old fashion paper profile, don’t worry, we still have DiSC Classic available. DiSC helps you to understand your own priorities and preferences; and to recognize those behavioral traits in others.  Once you understand DiSC, you can adapt your style to improve communication.  It’s that easy!  See “What is DiSC Assessment”  to learn more about what it is, and about DiSC Personality Profile Testing. Also, if you are from the United States and would like information more relative to your area, click the following link “DiSC Assessments USA“.  Our profiles are rich in content and personalized for the reader.  Our DiSC tool is memorable; that way you can easily transfer learning into everyday life.There are several applications with the Everything DiSC platform: Everything DiSC Workplace, Everything DiSC Management, Everything DiSC Sales, Everything DiSC Work of Leaders and Everything DiSC 363 for Leaders.  Each of these profiles are fabulous as a standalone tool, but can also be run as a workshop training program.  Check out Facilitation Made Easy to learn more. Learn more >>


We know that our website can be a lot to digest.  We understand that you may have some questions that you need clarification on and do not have time to dig through all the detail.  If you’d like to book a meeting and get your questions answered, you can quickly schedule  a meeting for a time that works for you!


Why set-up your own account? This is secure website that gives you a stress-free way to send, customize, view, print, manage, and store your online assessments.

1. Increased Productivity

Employees complete assessments online and the system takes care of scoring the participant’s profiles behind the scenes, saving time and increasing accuracy.

2. Complete Control

As an account administrator, you control access to the profiles in your account. Since it’s all online, you can access your account at any time—issue access codes, monitor report completion and print reports from anywhere in the world.

3. Added Options

Make training stick with group reports, comparison reports and facilitator reports. Profile sections can be rearranged or even removed to fit your needs. You can even personalize Everything DiSC reports with your company name, training program, and logo.
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